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street culinary experience

In close proximity

We have prepared Breakfast & Dinner options, securing best quality and rates at nearby Restaurants, just steps away from the complex. Alternatively, there is also a great variety of food services & café outlets in the King’s Avenue Mall, just next door.


Conveniently Located Dining & Breakfast Options

For any special requests concerning your Breakfast & Dining options, please contact our Guest Services.  
Your Adventure Starts Here

Downtown Park Dining in Paphos

We handpicked for  you the best places to eat and enjoy in Paphos! We have tried them all and they are all YUMMY!
Fine dining
Breakfast Harbour
Traditional Cypriot
Sea Food
Places with the view
Beach Bars
Pita & Souvlaki
Next to Downtown
Meat & Grill
Breakfast Old Town

Ready to experience Downtown Park?

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